Convert Youtube To MP4 & Youtube To MP3 Online 2018


You sure used or heard about too many youtube downloaders already by now, but all of them has this complicated process to convert a simple video, Suppose you needed a video badly in your device, but you don't want to install any app or software or plugin? Well then just give us a chance, we here at '9xyoutube' which lets you convert & download any youtube video to MP4 or MP3 without installing any third party application and that too for free. So you can watch them anytime, anyplace you want. Just keep reading the following article you'll get to know why we are the fastest, reliable & most secure Youtube converter on the web

Tip While watching a video on YouTube: add "9x" before "" in the URL and press Enter to convert to MP3 or MP4.

Add 9x to convert to mp4

Part 1 Why Use A Online Downloader ?

Now first thing first, what is an online downloader? Most of you might have heard about online downloading apps/sites, and some don't, and here in the first part, we're going to clear the air all the points about one of the most popular online term Online downloader.

1. Firstly online downloader is not a new technique or method. It's been on the internet for an extended period. The term Online downloader just lets you download various files online without making you install any third party softwares or plugins.

2. One of the divisions of 'online downloader' is Youtube To MP4. As the term suggests, it's a method which lets you convert any Youtube video (expect private or deleted videos) into the MP4 format directly to your device.

3. Now you might be wondering, what is the use of Youtube To MP4 converting sites as you can perform the same thing by installing any apps or softwares. Now, just again think about your question you'll get the answer automatically. You just can't trust the software, why install it then. Well in case you don't then here is the simple answer. Our New Youtube To MP4 services lets you download any Youtube video without the help of any software.

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Part 2 Essential Features In Youtube Converter

As we already told you about what are online downloaders and Youtube To MP4 converters. Now if you are wondering how to choose the best Youtube Converter. So, this particular part will tell you all the things which are essential critical points before considering any converter.

1.Reliable and Easier to Use

Well before using any product the first thing any newbie/user will notice is how difficult it is to use that particular product. More the complication in handling or using the product, higher are the chances that user might never use that thing again due to upper difficulties. And when it comes to Youtube to Mp4 converters, then they shouldn't be complicated at all. And our developing team is constantly working on improving the user interface so that we can provide you the best & super easy UI.

2.Large Number of Video Formats

Our Converter not only provides one of the most accessible user interfaces but indeed we provide maximum video formats as compared to our other competitors. Apart from HD MP4 formats, we offer a way more formats of any youtube video. Whenever you try to convert any youtube video to Mp4, we provide various other formats too, which includes WebM, 3GP & M4A. Now we all know sometimes we do have limited data, so our team for those users exclusively provide 3GP video format for those users. And when the user only needs the audio of any Youtube video we focus on the quality of the audio file and what could be the better audio file than iTunes quality? Thus our team provides the best sound quality, i.e., M4A of any youtube video.

3.Fastest Downloading Speed

All the things mentioned above are useless if any Converter isn't providing the best of speed as a slow downloading speed at most of the time is frustrating, and we sincerely don't want any of our users to face such sort of things. Now we all know download speed depends on two things (a) Your ISP (b) Our servers. And we here from our side provides the highest speed as we are just extracting the download links from the youtube video itself and we all know nothing can beat the youtube servers as they offer the most top speed. So, our user will never face any issue from our side.

4. Constant Update & Stability

Now sometimes users might face some bugs while using our converter and our dev team is always there to solve such problems asap and we continuously update our converting process so that we could make it faster & better for all the other users. By continually fixing the bugs we also always focus on the stability of our converter as the stability of any product is considered as the requirements for best Converter.

5. Download High Definition Video for Free

Our Youtube Converter is free to all the users without completing any registration or surveys. We never encourage or demand any money from the users to download any video. And lets you download High Definition (HD) videos from Youtube, which you can watch later whenever you want to. After using our service, you'll say, Converting Youtube HD Videos to MP4 was never this easy.

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Part 3 Easiest YouTube Converter Mobile App 2018

Mobiles phones are now part of our day-2-day life we just can't imagine any moment without them. With only one click we can download anything from any website while sitting at any place around the world and nowadays downloading anything can be easily handled by a small mobile phone. And according to recent studies shows around 37% of total mobile users all over the globe converts Youtube videos to Mp4 on a daily basis. Now, while using 9xyoutube, you don't even need to install any apk from untrusted source as we allow you to convert Youtube video to Mp4 without installing any app. This specific part will teach you how to use 9xyoutube to convert any Youtube video to Mp4.

Firstly just open the Youtube app in your mobile and go to the search box & search the video you need to convert to MP4.

2. After selecting your desired video, the next step is to copy the video URL. As there isn't any address bar that can give you direct URL of any video so this is how you can get the Youtube video URL.

9xbuddy mobile app

Part 4 Easiest YouTube Converter For Computers 2018

9xyoutube is regarded as one of the best Youtube to MP4 converter by a different blogger over the internet as apart from fulfilling all the requirements we do care about the user as for us users are our priority. Now, as we know computers or laptops are just getting more advanced every day, so we need advance Youtube to MP4 converters as well, and this is what 9xyoutube is used for. This part will let you know how you can convert Youtube videos to MP4 and later save them to your device either it's a laptop or PC or Mac or mobile phone.

1. Similar to the mobile process, the first step to convert youtube videos to MP4 is that you need to select the video.

2. To select your desired video you need to click & open your browser and then visit

3. Upon opening the homepage now search for the video by clicking on the box provided at the top.

4. Select the desired video you need out of the searched results and click on the video.

5. After clicking on the video you'll notice that the URL of the video in the address bar has changed and now the changed URL is your actual video URL.

6. Just Copy that URL & now visit 9xyoutube either by searching in google or entering in the address field.

7. After opening the 9xyoutube homepage now, you can see a rectangular box. Just click or tap on that box and paste the video URL. Now leave everything on us, and we'll shortly extract various video formats for you to choose from. See just a few steps, and you can convert Youtube video to MP4 in seconds and watch them later on your device. Plus this method works for mobile users too. .

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Part 5 Overall Best YouTube To MP4 Converter Of 2018

Any online converter lets you convert any file to your desired format. We at 9xyoutube lets users convert Youtube videos to Mp4 so they can download them & watch whenever they want. But what makes us superior from all the other Youtube to MP4 converters are just a few points, and those are security, reliability & speed. Apart from all the essential key points using our converting service is easy it's like a piece of cake.

How to use 9xyoutube ?

1. Copy the Youtube video URL and paste in 9xyoutube

The first step is to select the video you need and after selecting just paste the URL of that video in 9xyoutube box.

2. Select the format

After completing the above step 5.1 now all you need is to wait for 2-3 seconds and soon various video formats will appear in front of your screen.

3. Click Download Button

After few seconds of extraction just select the video format either your need HD or 3GP or any other and click on the download option. This is it!! Isn't that was really fast & easy.